What is the difference between Holy Communion, Eucharist, Mass, Lord’s Supper etc?

Nothing – all exactly the same. There are lots of deep theological reasons behind each term but we prefer Eucharist (which means ‘thanksgiving’ in Greek) as it talks of the whole service being a way of giving thanks to God. In this way the whole service is a prayer and not just one bit of it. However, in practise – it’s the same thing with different names.

I’m worried I won’t know what to do?

If you haven’t been to Church before (or haven’t been for a while) it can be a bit scary to walk in for the first time. However remember that every single person in the Church also went there for the first time once, so you’re not alone. All of the standing up/sitting down bits are written into the service booklet and if in doubt copy anyone who looks confident around you. Most people sit in Church convinced that everyone else knows exactly what they’re doing. They don’t – relax.

I think my child/children might make a noise. What should I do?!

On a normal Sunday we have a full Children’s ministry programme with a Creche for the under 4s and Sunday Saints for 4-10 year olds. However, you’re very welcome to keep your children with you in the service and there are Happy Bags (blue bags with toys, colouring, stories etc) available for you to use. There are also Children’s guides to what is going on in the service so that you can follow through the service with your children. However if they make a noise, well then, well….! Well, actually nothing will happen and no one will notice. If you need to go for a wander, then do. If you need to use the loo (or they do) then do. No one will mind. Your children don’t need to pretend that they’re mature 35 year olds. Obviously if they are intent on doing impressions of a tyrannosaurus rex for an hour then you might want to call it a day for that Sunday.

I don’t really know about God, Jesus, Christianity, faith, religion etc? Will everyone else be experts.

No – the whole point is to journey together. Some will have been journeying longer than others, some will be new like you. Don’t worry – none of us have all the answers and if you meet people who claim they do – avoid them.

Will I be given horrible fizzy coffee in a polystyrene cup after the service?

No you will not! We have proper coffee in cafetieres with real milk in real mugs. Along with real tea and real biscuits. There is sometimes also cake! None of this fizzy nasty coffee for us!

Seriously – Church is supposed to be about worship and hospitality. You wouldn’t give someone horrible coffee in a throwaway cup if they came round your house and neither do we when you come to ours.

I have lots of other questions!!!!

Good, we like questions. Email us, phone us, chat after the service. Bring it on…