The Church of England

All Saints Weston is a Church of England Church which means it is part of the established Church in England which provides services to which everyone who lives in England has a legal right.

The Church of England is structured in a particular way.


The Parish is a defined geographical area which each Parish Church serves. All Saints Weston serves the village of Weston Green. To see whether you live in the Parish, go to the following website, put in your postcode and click on your road.

If you live within the Parish you have a legal right to have your child baptised in the Church, get married in the Church and have one of the Clergy at the Church take your funeral. You also have a right to have your ashes interred in the Garden of Remembrance. You do not have to be a church-goer – these are your legal rights simply by living in the Parish.

There are also lots of other ways of qualifying (usually by regular attendance) and marriage has its own set of rules (see the Marriage page).


Each Parish is grouped together with about 12-15 other parishes in a Deanery. All Saints Weston is in the Deanery of Emly and our Rural Dean is the Revd Philip Plyming, Vicar of Holy Trinity Claygate.


Each deanery is then part of an Archdeaconry which is a grouping of Deanerys in a geographical area. We are in the Archdeaconry of Dorking and our Archdeacon is the Ven. Julian Henderson (leaving soon to become the Bishop of Blackburn). This is the main administrative body for all the Churches in the area.


Each Archdeaconry is in a Diocese (of which there are 44 including the Diocese of Europe) which has a Diocesan Bishop who is in a charge of all the Clergy in each parish. He shares what is called the “Cure of Souls” with the Vicar/Rector in each Parish. We are in the Diocese of Guildford


All the Diocese in the South of England are in the Province of Canterbury and those in the north in the Province of York. Each province has a Archbishop (Canterbury/York). Only complicated further by the Archbishop of Canterbury being the Spiritual Leader of the Anglican Communion.


This is a network/family of Churches in over 160 countries around the world who find a focus of unity in the Archibshop of Canterbury. There are over 85 million people who consider themselves Anglican.